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An exchange format

ELAN - An Exchange Format

An exchange format for ELAN programs, called REF format for ``Reduced ELAN Format''[20], provides a representation of programs that can be shared by the different tools of the ELAN environment such as the parser, the interpreter, the preprocessor and the compiler. Such a format facilitates the connection to other systems, like ASF+SDF, to execute ELAN programs with ASF+SDF or conversely. Another advantage of REF format is to provide a term-like representation that can be easily handled by ELAN programs (a module specifying the REFformat is available in the library). For example, the unlabelled rules of an ELAN program may be completed using a completion process to provide a confluent and terminating rewrite system. Such a representation and functionalities that allow to access and modify different parts of the format, are the basis for implementing reflection in ELAN.